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Clinicians are defined as anyone who has the authority to make patient care decisions, sign off on patient charts, write prescriptions, etc. (e.g. physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners), whether full or part-time.

Other office staff (e.g, office manager, nurses, medical assistants, front desk, and other administrative assistants), who must confer with a clinician, are considered support staff and do not need to purchase a license.

For more information or questions on choosing the correct number of licenses, call us at (866) 382-5932 option 2.

*Required for first year

Unit Price Quantity Renewal Period Item Total

Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts EHR is rated #1 for ease of use in multiple physician surveys. It includes scheduling, templates, eRX, and 2020 Certified Meaningful Use reporting, and integrates with ICD-10 billing and Practice Management.

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$1,595.00 per Clinician N/A $1,595.00


Guardian Angel Support and Maintenance*

Guardian Angel Support and Maintenance ensures you have access to the latest version of Amazing Charts software, as well as e-prescribing, product training, technical support, and much more.

Click here to read the Service Level Agreement.

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$1,895.00 per Clinician Annual $1,895.00

Amazing Backup

Amazing Backup is a fully-automated data backup and restore service for Amazing Charts EHR and Practice Management systems.


There is a minimum upload speed requirement of 256 kilobytes/sec (KBps) or 2 megabits/sec (Mbps). If you do not meet the minimum requirement, please contact your ISP to determine your options.

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450 for first clinician/
$50 for each additional clinician

Practice Management

Amazing Charts Practice Management is fully and seamlessly integrated with Amazing Charts EHR for improved efficiency in your clinical documentation and financial management workflow.

Call the Practice Management Line @ (866) 382-5932 option 2 for pricing

Subtotal: $3,490.00